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Photo of Russell PetersI think one thing that separates immigrant families from the regular Canadian families you know. Does not matter where your parents are from, they weren't born in this country they will whoop your ass when you are growing up. It does not matter. Where are your parents from? Ukraine. You know what I am saying. They'll beat you with a cabbage roll. You know what I am saying. They'll smack a Perovie up side your head. They will beat you! Immigrant parents will beat their kids! Canadian parents they're a little to soft with their kids. And that's fine, whatever makes you happy. But you need star beating the kids. I will tell you why. Because growing up the kids now are growing up in the multicultural society. You gonna have white kids growing up with black kids and brown kids and Asian kids. They all going be hung around in the playground. You know what I mean? They all gonna be talk about the ass whoop they got last night. You what this little white kid to feel left out? Beat that child so he is not a social outcast. They're probably sitting around going "My dad beat my ass! ...My dad beat my ass too!" The white kid goes "I was sent to my room." "You've got a room?!?". You need to beat the kids, man. Indian parents will beat their kids. Chinese parents will. I would hate get beaten by parents who know kung-fu and stuff like that. I would hate to messed up in a Chinese house man. "Hey! Cap Dis Wong! Come here! It says you got an 'F' in school!" They wouldn't even need to beat you! Just go "Ou-e-e-e". No Sunny Check. Indian parents will beat their kids. Indian parents aren't afraid to kill their kids if they have to. My dad's story was "If I get rid of one I will make another one! And I will tell the new one what an idiot the last one was!"

Russell Peters

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